Slowly feeling better every day, but still lots of pain and very tired. I want to feel as good as I did last week all the time, please. It’s not perfect, but it was a lot better than this. I got things done. I really, really like getting things done. Really.

Maintenance came to see about the frig, finally, and they even called to let me know the guy was coming. I like our maintenance man. He is overworked, but very nice and always pleasant. He noticed me hobbling with my cane and asked me how I got out without a working elevator, which is down for a couple more months, I think. Nobody has ever asked me that. Or even noticed, as far as I am aware. I appreciated that he noticed. I don’t get out, is the answer. I can get down the stairs very slowly and carefully if I have to, but getting back up is even slower and painful and leaves me in extra pain for some days after. So I don’t go out if I don’t absolutely have to. Oh, that’s why I’m so pale. I never see the sun. Hmmm. These are like sunshine, right: MIL60024//1

I used to know someone who called me ‘Sunshine’. That was nice.

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