It’s A Good Day


I have gotten a ton of ‘This is probably only noticeable to me’ stuff done so far today. Cleared out under the kitchen sink and put down shelf paper, a couple of days ago I took everything out of the unsatisfactory dresser drawers and put my shirts on the shelves, and today I put the bedding in that same dresser and put some of the stuff from under the kitchen sink on that bathroom shelf instead. Much more accessible tools, and much easier to get at undersink stuff in kitchen. Cleared out some more paper work, and my cubbies by the desk. Little things, but very satisfying and will make my life easier when this good bit turns back into crap. Cause you know it will. But today is a bright, if overcast, day, and that helps a lot. Gray is energy-sapping, I’ve found.

I want to clear out the stove drawer, but not sure if I’m up for it. We’ll see. I have to sit and rock and read, or mess about on here in between every little thing I do that involves moving, but Getting Things Done. Lots of energy. I would be a superstar if not for pain getting in the way.

My homemaker mentioned that she wished they could just fix the prednisone problems so I could stay on it, because there is such a difference in me when I am…on it, that is. Yep, I’d like that too, but meanwhile, I am just enjoying having the energy and brain power to GET THINGS DONE!!!!

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