Good Advice

From here: Brazilian Dietary Guidlines

/ “Always prefer natural or minimally-processed foods and freshly-made dishes and meals to ultra-processed foods. In other words, opt for water, milk and fruits instead of soft drinks, dairy drinks and biscuits, do not replace freshly prepared dishes (broth, soups, salads, sauces, rice and beans, pasta, steamed vegetables, pies) with products that do not require culinary preparation (packaged soups, instant noodles, pre-prepared frozen dishes, sandwiches, cold cuts and sausages, industrialized sauces, ready-mixes for cakes), and stick to homemade desserts, avoiding industrialized ones.”

Boiling this down even further, rather than concern yourself with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s most recent set of dietary recommendations, if you ignore everything and simply focus on transforming fresh whole ingredients into meals; eating those meals at a table free from distractions; drinking alcohol at most in moderation; not smoking; getting a good night sleep; and cultivating healthy friendships and relationships, this will serve you better than getting 10 percent less or more of this, that or the other into your daily dietary life./

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