And Then I Fainted

from shock that some of these were actually banned books. Where’s Waldo? Comments say there was a naked lady (supposedly) in one of the pictures. God forbid a child should see a naked lady. People graphically murdering each other on ‘entertainment’ tv every day is okay, but naked ladies? Or men? Oh, the horror.

It’s interesting to see what you’ve read and what you haven’t, though. I’d only read 39 of them. For Shame.

Banned books You’ve Read (Or Not)


4 thoughts on “And Then I Fainted

    • What is wrong with Goosebumps? I personally do not believe in banning books. As a parent, I could decide what my children read when they were very young, but after a certain age, they are exposed to any number of horrors on tv and just life in general. I’d let them read whatever they want, so long as it wasn’t a steady diet of religion or porn. A little, okay. Too much can fry your brain.

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