New Doctor

Yes. I actually like her. Answered my questions, listened to and discussed my concerns. It went well. I am happy. She made me feel more hopeful than I have been that I can get myself out of this morass my life has become. I CAN take more ibuprofen than I have been. It’s the only thing that really helps with the pain. Less pain will mean I can move more. Moving more means my metabolism may actually begin to work again, and I will lose weight faster than molasses flows in January, which is how it’s been going for the past year or so. Since I was pretty much bed-ridden and/or housebound much of last year. I gained about twenty pounds, and have only lost about ten, even though I don’t eat a lot at all. So hopeful, very hopeful.

I bought a new vacuum to replace the duct tape mess, and splurged on some Polish hand-painted dishes. I love these. I bought my first one (different pattern) way back in Jordan Marsh’s Basement years ago, and have bought one or two here and there over time. I don’t have a lot, a few bowls, a pitcher, a couple of sugar bowls, two large coffee cups a friend gave me, but now I got four plates, four small plates, four cups, and four bowls, all in the same pattern. Cheery dishes. It’s a good thing. 2014-09-16 17.30.36

2014-09-16 17.31.47They are quite expensive if you don’t buy them from The Christmas Tree Shoppe or other discount store, but I’ve never paid full price. I couldn’t afford to. Here’s the page, if you’re interested: Polish Pottery

I heard from my missing friend in Finland, which made me soooooo happy. Not missing any longer. 🙂

It’s gray and cool and looks like it good rain any second. All in all, a very good day.

7 thoughts on “New Doctor

  1. LOL Accents. It’s a big country, so probably like the US. Different regions have different accents, sometimes even micro-regions, like Boston. Where you are from in the Boston area determines your accent. If you pay attention, sometimes you can tell just by listening that this person is from Southie, or Dorchester, or whatever. Pygmalion, anyone?

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