OMG It Is Cold In Here

>It's Leap Day
So it’s not enough that I have constant pain anyway, now my right wrist is a bit swollen and quite painful. Don’t see any bug bites (hooray), and not aware of having injured it, so? Pretty good day. After googling a bit, figured out a plan that let’s me have breakfast and COFFEE first thing. Happy campers R US! Also, it is darned cold and getting down to around 40 degrees tonight.
Not hot and sticky. It’s a good thing. Meanwhile, I’m freezing. It it was winter, this would be a heat wave, but since it’s not…OMG It Is Cold In Here.

4 thoughts on “OMG It Is Cold In Here

  1. I had to convert that, because 40 degrees would be a total heatwave here! It’s cool here today, too, 50 in your reckoning. No heating needed, though and it’s spring, so it will get warmer. Still a little snow left on the mountain, though. Breakfast and coffee sounds good! Hope your wrist gets better soon 🙂

  2. Thanks. No heating needed here, either. I put it off as long as possible. If I get desperate, I have a little heating fan, and an electric fireplace. Keep yourself warm, no need to heat the entire house, right? I still find it odd that we are virtually the only country not on the metric system. I do find it pretty confusing, though. I can never remember how long a milimeter is, and converting food measurements is a nightmare without a conversion tool specifically for food. Maybe it’s not so odd. 🙂

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