So Far Today

0047wyrdI have only been on the computer a short time, and I have already learned that some scientists are trying to prove that we may be living in a hologram, like the Matrix. So? If it is proven to be the case, then what? Will it change anything? Will it make us better people? Instead of aspiring to heaven, as so many people seem to do, will we be trying to make it out into the ‘real’ world? Is there a point? Will Neo turn up? Keanu is kind of cute.

Here’s a headline I came across:

“Cops Investigating ‘Sex Sounds’ Find Man Making Love to a Mattress”

Okay, misleading headline, but still, before I read the article, my question was, “Why are cops investigating sex sounds?” Aren’t there actual crimes going on? Seriously?

I am so fed up with all the unbelievable (insert your choice of exasperated yet descriptive bad word here) going on in the world, I am reduced to blogging about hologram-world and suspicious sex sounds. I fear there is no hope for me, people. None. At all. BTW, do bad words (or any words, for that matter) actually GET exasperated? IDEK

On the other hand, illness-y speaking, I am still doing much better with the supplements I’m taking, in spite of the really crappy day here and there. I cut back the Prednisone again on Sunday, and so far nothing unmanageable has cropped up, except for having quite a bit of pain before I went to bed last night. I’m hoping this was the last time I decrease and then have to go back to the previous dose for a bit before decreasing again. I’m down to 1 1/2 mg, so hoping to get off it for good some time in the relatively near future. Before I have to contend with living in a hologram, at least. Or get investigated for making ‘sex sounds’.

One last thing. I am getting a bit worried about a friend I haven’t heard from in a bit, so if you see this (you know who you are), please email me.

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