Two Things Today

1. Let myself down yet again. Got up, another gorgeous day. “I WILL go outside’ I tell myself. Get dressed and organized and gradually begin to stall and ask the ‘but where will I go, what will I do’ questions, and before you know it, I’m on the desktop trying to figure out yet again why all my stupid Amazon readers keep freezing and/or rebooting and/or freezing during rebooting, all by their lonesomes. So never made it out. I can feel the anxiety starting as soon as I get myself all dressed and ready to go. Happens every time. One of the things I forget about when I am not doing well with the illness. One of the hard things about doing better with the illness, I have to remember all the other reasons my life is not going the way I want it to. It’s down to me, I know that. Just cannot seem to get past my stupid, stupid issues.

2. Just discovered this site today, from a post about the corpse flower. Amazing flower posts, but more amazing site.

The Huntington Library

Anyway, it really is another gorgeous day in what has been an unbelievably gorgeous summer. I AM going to email my fav weatherman and ask him if this summer has been as unusual as I think it has. Been. Whatever. šŸ™‚

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