complaints-300x284I just watched what I thought was a helpful video on different virus scanners here:

Free Virus Scanners Accuracy Compared

I was amazed, as I frequently am, at the comments. People complaining that it is a video and _their_ time is waaay too precious to waste watching it, why didn’t the author do an article, etc., etc., etc., and it degenerated into insult slinging and name calling. Geez, the guy sits down to do something helpful for people who may not have this info, and the result is getting reamed out for his delivery method. I see this all the time. If you don’t like videos, google for some other way to get similar info. What is wrong with people? Where is the ‘Thanks. I learned something.’ or ‘This info was helpful.’ or you know, something not mean, nasty and full of vitriol?
I’d think twice about putting out any info in future, and therefore, a source for those of us who _don’t_ already know everything about everything would be gone.
Sometimes, people, I. Just. Don’t. Know.

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