you will listenDid I mention that the last time I saw my ‘doctor’, she literally bullied me into accepting a scrip for a statin that I did not want and do not believe I need? The side effects are a lot of things I already have wrong, and I’m going to make them worse on purpose? Seriously, she used up most of my appointment time telling me ‘what a high risk I am for a heart attack, my risk is 30% over the next ten years, I’m the highest risk patient she’s seen this week, etc’. My heart is fine, and if she’d looked at my medical records, she would have known that. I finally gave in, because I wanted to ask her a question about pain meds, but when I began, she checked her watched and told me if I had any questions, I had to make another appointment. Thus ‘doctor’ in quotes. Anyway…

The drug she insisted I take is a statin. I have mildly elevated cholesterol. Yes, I am overweight, but I have never been thin, and I have had a chronic, debilitating illness for seventeen years, with about seven months last year being virtually bed-ridden and/or housebound. Nurse told me my metabolism was so slow as to be nearly non-existent. Inactivity does not really help with being thin, even though I don’t eat a lot. Really, I am not making that up. Also, now that I am doing much better with the extra supplements I’m taking, I am a lot more active than I have been in years, and actually lost five pounds this past two weeks. Yay, me. So today I came across this article:

I am seeing a new doctor in September. Keeping my fingers crossed she’s a real doctor this time.

While googling an image to go with this post, I came across this article:

Signs of a Bad Doctor

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