Back Again

Had an excellent day. Went out with my friend Tess. Second time
we’ve gone out in less than a month, and both times, the elevator was
borked. Down and up stairs, not something I can usually manage, but did
both times. Also got to go visit her husband and their dog. They have
the best dog ever. Doesn’t bark, even though she can, doesn’t make
messes, cute. Anyway, last time I did the stairs there were no
unpleasant (for unpleasant, read ‘ow, ow, ow’) after effects, so hoping
for the same this time. I really do seem to be getting better. Doing
all the superstitious things to not jinx myself. Not really, but… As
Gibbs’ boss said on NCIS, when asked by Gibbs if he is superstitious,
“I’m a little stitious.” One of my favorite lines ever.

Just took a quiz I found on Tumblr, from here:

political quiz

My results are below. The interesting thing is, to me anyway, I am
NOT affluent (I’m actually well below the poverty line) or highly
educated (high school, no college, to my regret), nor am I at all
optimistic about the nation’s future. The more we allow religious right
conservative bigoted racist homophobic assholes into office, and let
corporations and the obscenely wealthy determine our policy, home and
abroad, the worse off we are going to be. I am not at all hopeful for the future of my country.


4 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. Well, I got the same result, only here in Australia the Liberals are more like your conservatives, so I wouldn’t be called that here…

    As for well-educated… I know some people with degrees who are narrow minded and some without! Well-informed and open-minded is what makes the difference.

    • I agree about the well-informed and open-minded. I have college educated friends who can’t see past their noses, and just follow the party line regardless. They just don’t teach critical thinking at all these days. We get what we deserve, I think.

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