Woo Hoo

teawithlemonssmall.jpgI like this picture.

I finally figured out how to reply to individual comments on the actual comment. I hope. I will try it next time someone actually comments. 🙂

Having a good day. I am actually getting better over all. I am able to move more, and do more things, even things needing actual muscles. I’ve also lost five pounds. Moving actually works. Who knew? Trying butter coffee to boost metabolism, too. When I first heard about butter coffee, I was not impressed. I mean seriously, butter in your coffee. Ick and ewww. Then I read an article that stated butter in your coffee first thing revs metabolism and keeps energy levels up most of the day. Today is the first time I’ve tried it. Coffee and butter. Nothing else. I usually use light cream, cause it tastes best that way, and I never use sugar. I do not like sweet drinks, thank goodness, cause it means I am not addicted to soda even a little bit.

Anyway…yes I do tend to ramble. I am aware of this, people. So anyway, it actually isn’t unpalatable. After the first sip when I noticed the bitterness of coffee, it was fine. I liked it as much as with the light cream. I’m sure it’s more calories that way, but if it revs my metabolism, which the nurse told me was next to nil, it will balance out. I usually have just one cup a day, too, so not going to overdose on butter. Going to give it a trial. I want to be able to do things. I want to have some semblance of my life back, so I am willing to try things that sound weird if they have a chance of making a difference.

Also, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous day. Perfect balance of heat and humidity. No hot and stickies, always a good thing. I never look forward to hot and stickies. If it could stay like this all summer…well, I wish it would. Really, I do. Hope everyone is having a lovely whatever time of day it is where you are.

5 thoughts on “Woo Hoo

  1. Butter coffee? Well, it would have to be better than yak-butter tea. I didn’t like that one little bit, but perhaps the butter wasn’t meant to be rancid and we just got a dodgy restaurant. Glad you can move around more. One doc I used to know always said “motion is the lotion” that cures everything, but when pain gets in the way that’s easier said than done!

    As for the weather, we’re having the most beautiful autumn weather here. Cool to warm, no wind, glorious sunshine.

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