is funny. You have to pay attention. Just reading a recommendation for corn tortillas. The product name is ‘…Handmade Style Soft Corn Tortillas, Yellow’. Note they are not ‘handmade’. They are ‘handmade STYLE’. Excuse me? What does that even mean? I get ‘country style’ because that has some actual meaning. It implies food made with fat and gravy and all the things you wish you could eat every day but don’t because you don’t want to keel over dead before you reach 30. But ‘handmade style’? ‘This is a lot like if we used our actual hands to make it, but instead we used machinery. Machinery hands. Yeah, that’s what we used.’ ‘Machinery style’ would be more accurate. Or better yet, ‘made by machinery, like everything else you eat in today’s USA.’ ‘With ingredients that have been sent to China for processing and then shipped back.’ This still bothers the hell out of me. Send the chicken to China and let them make the breaded patties and nugget-shaped bits and whatever else you can do with chicken, and then ship it all back here. Fresh. Oh, yeah. There is no real, fresh, actual food style food left anymore. If you can’t grow it yourself and are not friendly with someone who does, or rich enough to buy it and have it shipped to you (canceling out the ‘fresh’, btw) what can you do?
Yeah, I just like this gif.

>January 31st

On the other subject that rules my life, I am somewhat better today. Less pain again. I do not understand this illness. If I can have A good day, why can’t I have ALL good days. Why are the good ones so few and far between, but when they happen, I am almost like a real person? What makes the difference? Not a clue. That’s my new middle name: Not-A-Clue. Frustrating.

4 thoughts on “Marketing

  1. My older sister came to take my mother to visit her and I´m like what is this…so this is what they call life…I used to have a life…you cannot imagine how happy I am to be left on my on…now I can hear what I am thinking…now I feel like a human being.

  2. Do they seriously do that with certain foods? Send them away for the ‘made in China’ label and bring it back re-packaged? Just thought it happened with our minerals only. Had a chemistry lecturer once who claimed Eastern nations are so good at ‘adding value’ to things they once came here and bought tons and tons of what appeared to be just plain soil and shipped it back to China and Japan, only for us to discover later that we had been shipping off raw platinum which they sold back to us pure. I didn’t really believe him but I’ve seen enough made or assembled in China labels to think there’s some truth in the story.

    Hope you get fewer ‘Ow’ days and more ‘marketing analysis’ days.

  3. Truth: Last year the FDA approved this. Food companies can ship chicken to China, where it is turned into nuggets and whatever other processed foods chicken can be turned into, and then shipped back. I say, if I can’t afford a world tour, the chicken I eat shouldn’t be going, either. Gross. Money rules. The government isn’t really there for the citizens anymore, just the corporations and any individuals who are richer than they need to be and can peddle a lot of influence. Not everyone is like that, there are some really good people in government, but not enough to really change things. People keep voting in politicians who don’t really give a darn about them. My mind boggled itself into mush long ago, so I can’t even care that much anymore. If you’re an blinder-wearing moron, you get what you deserve. You didn’t believe your lecturer? You’d be surprised at the things that go on unbeknownst to most of us. And no, I did not use my voodoo radar to figure this out. 😉

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