Absent Me

WredhousesnowHave been dealing with pain and feeling crap in general for a bit now, so haven’t really felt much like saying anything except “Ow” lately. Or swearing. A lot. Had my birthday. Spent it alone as usual. All in all, it’s been a crap week, but I’m still ticking. Just so you know. I just like the gif, no other reason for posting it.

2 thoughts on “Absent Me

  1. We had the first snow on the mountain today, so good gif! It never snows down in town, luckily, still 15C and sunny. We went up to have a look and there were plenty of people building snowmen and fooling around. It was freezing and windy.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Snow. Spring has sprung here. Trees across the street are flowering, green leaves are popping. But I do love snow. I really, really do. I always have to convert the Celsius to Fahrenheit, cause I can never remember the formula. 59 degrees. Warm enough to open the windows, cool enough not to be hot and sticky. Love it. I am so not a fan of hot and sticky. 🙂

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