Better Today

Somewhat. My wonderful homemaker came and completely redid the bedroom by herself. In about half an hour. I used to be able to do that. Not part of her job description, either. I did not realize how much it being such a mess was messing with my head. Also, sometimes just writing about it when things feel like they’re going south can really help. When you get things out, through talking or writing, they lose power over you. Learned that in therapy. Therapy was good, mainly because I eventually found a really good therapist, who actually helped. Just cause they have a degree doesn’t mean they have a clue, apparently. Some don’t even have degrees, but are social workers or affiliated with one religion or another. I avoid the latter like the plague, because going to their church isn’t going to fix my life. Sorry, it’s just not. And social workers. I know there are dedicated, caring social workers, but having dealt with more than one in my personal life and my job in the group home, I can tell you that some of them are not qualified to be dog-catchers, let alone deal with people’s lives.

So better, but still having some anger issues, it seems. This is a ‘tell it like it is today’ blog, it seems. Course it may be different tomorrow. But that’s life. It’s an adventure. It’s a good thing. I know I stole that from Martha, but I like it. You can probably tell, since I use it all the time. 🙂

exploding appleGoing to the Genius Bar tomorrow. They sent me a confirmation email for my appointment, which included a suggestion to update. Excuse me? Updating is what did it in. Updating borked it. It’s still under warranty, so they’d better darn well fix it. You can’t call yourself geniuses if your product borks itself doing an update. How many Microsoft updates have I done over the years, and none of them killed the machine. I am so disappointed with Apple. I won’t be buying anything in their store, for sure.

3 thoughts on “Better Today

  1. I’m really glad you are doing ‘somewhat’ better Jean. Really glad. It’s good too know that ‘telling it like it is’ helps reduce the power of whatever’s troubling a person. I’m disappointed for you that your Mac is giving you so much grief. I’m no techno-geek but I came to be such a big admirer of Steve Jobs. I have two apple products that I’m ok with, actually wish I could upgrade my phone but my current one still a good job, only, the battery life sucks. I hope they sort things out for you at the Genius Bar, LOL.

  2. What the hell was it with the 31st?? I felt like “ripping off someone’s head and spitting down the hole”, and a bit of the same yesterday, too. Others on the 31st felt the same; my boss even said his dog was in the ‘I’m going to bite EVERY thing and tear it to shreds’ mode.

    Also, yes, feng shui in play. 😉

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