I Got Stuff Done

Not a lot, I never get a lot done, but I searched around and found out how to add Quick Launch back to the Win7 taskbar, and did that, and then searched some more and found out how to actually add stuff to Quick Launch, and did that. Then I put together my new lift-top coffee table. I’ve been wanting one for a long time, and finally found one that suits me. From Home Depot. Free shipping and all. It is rubberwood. I was not aware things were made from rubber wood after the trees are too old to produce more latex. Sustainable resource. It’s a good thing. And it’s lovely wood, unfinished, and very well made. I only had to put the sides on to the top and the shelf at the bottom. Twelve bolts. The hardest part was not having a ratchet allen wrench. Do they make ratchet allen wrenches? Cause I want one if they do. Would have had it together in a fifth of the time, literally. Trying to get it into the notch and not being able to turn it far each time because stuff in the way really added to the put-together minutes. But it is done, and now I have to wait for enough strength or a helper to turn it right side up, because it’s a lot heavier together than the individual pieces were. Oh, and it came from Viet Nam. There’s a song for that.

Had a very not good night, tired and sleepy, but pain kept me awake. Had a bath, some Tylenol, then slept some this morning, not getting up til my homemaker showed up and rang the buzzer. 1pm. Very foggy and ick for the first hour or so, but much better later, and still. So turned out not a bad day at all. Getting stuff done is always a good thing. I had McD’s fish lunch with coffee, too. Yum. I like their fish sandwich, and have Traci pick one up for me every now and then. McD’s is right next to the grocery store. Handy. LOL They make really good coffee, too. Better than the donut place. You know the one I mean. We used to watch Briscoe County, Jr. There was a joke in every episode, and once, a boy gave Briscoe a bag of donuts. As he left, Briscoe said, “Thanks for the donuts, Duncan”. Made me laugh. Yes. Yes it did. Great cast, too. briscoe

2 thoughts on “I Got Stuff Done

  1. Briscoe County, Jr? We used to get that over here too. I cant remember specifics like a joke in every episode but I do remember looking forward to every week’s episode. That was good TV back then. We didn’t get a lot of your prime material but I grew up on The A Team, McGyver, Magnum PI, The Cosby Show, Different strokes, Cheers… Come to think of it we had more brilliant American TV shows than local ones.

  2. I always say this, but why does everyone get to see our programs, and we get zilch from other countries, except for BBCAmerica, which frequently runs our own tv shows anyway? I’d like to see what other countries tv shows are like, but noooooo. 🙂

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