Ho Hum

Cutting down the Prednisone is not going well.  Hobbling around with cane again, sleeping weird hours, just feeling like crap in general.  Doctor wanted me to cut a milligram, but last time I did that was not a happy time.  So I went down a half, just a week ago.  Hoping the body adjusts soon, because not loving this.  Oh, well.

A very nice post about primroses from a lovely blog I enjoy:
Growing Primroses

I always used to buy a couple in February from the grocery store. Brightened up a gray winter. Then I would plant them out in the garden when it warmed up and they would sometimes come up again next year. Lovely, cheery little plants. I like yellow ones. Yellow is good.yellow_primrose_by_dlphnz13

4 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. He’s a doctor. Apparently, a lot of them are idiots. Just saw a program yesterday about how important it is to find one who actually listens. Not as easy as you might think. Of all the doctors I’ve had since moving to New England, only one listened about the thyroid meds and actually let me try them. Guess what? They worked! Duh! I don’t even have a medical degree, and I knew they would work, because I had been on them in Colorado. Sheesh! LOL

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