Excellent Article

about the unintended ramifications of Arizona’s ‘Why yes, we are homophobic morons’ bill allowing people to refuse to do their jobs based on their homophobic beliefs. Haven’t read if the gov signed it into law or not.  all-my-reality-checks-have-bounced (1)

Arizona, never going there

Update:  Just read she vetoed it.

2 thoughts on “Excellent Article

  1. Yes, sad, but the irony of the unintended (by the bigots and homophobes) consequences is prime. Having to prove your “sincerely held religious beliefs” in a court of law if sued, Or this, from the article:
    “But do you know who can still be sued? The city government that hired him for a job his “sincerely held belief” kept him from performing. That vulnerability could prompt the people doing the hiring to question applicants about their religiosity, and turn away candidates who are so “Christian” it might open them up to a lawsuit.”
    There is some good stuff in that article.

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