Comcast (Xfinity)

681317I hate them. I used to subscribe and my bill was a set thing every month. Then it started to vary. I ignored it at first, but after awhile, I was paying more and more for the same service. I called for an explanation, got the run-around, and cancelled everything. I had triple play. Went with Verizon, but no tv, cause seriously, commercials. Was fine til I got my Nexus 7, which I could not connect. I googled and read that Verizon blocked it. Back to comcast. Signed up in October. Bill has been steady every month until this one. Went up. Not much, but still. I signed up for a certain service at a certain price, and they arbitrarily decide to change the rules. How is that right? Got on the chat, after a long time back and forth, the guy credited me for the increase. Fine, what about NEXT month. No response to that. Going to call Verizon tomorrow (today, it’s after 2am) and see what they have to offer, and if I will be able to connect my Nexus. At least I have two choices. Some parts of the country have only one provider. They hold all the cards, and we are just pawns in their ‘how many ways can we rip off our customers?’ business model. Makes my blood boil, it does. Sheesh! Just needed to rant about that a little bit. I can live without cable tv, but not without the internet. There must be a better way. Mustn’t there?

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