Illness and a video

After a really good day Monday, it’s been all downhill ever since. Why? I don’t know. Can’t sleep/can’t stay awake. Yesterday, I feel asleep twice on the couch, then slept most of the night. I can’t be THAT tired. My kitchen lights gave up the fight, which means I have to call maintenance. Do they still change fluorescent bulbs? Did I spell fluorescent wrong? Do I care? Last time, maintenance came and changed them, but that was I think three owners ago. At least they last a loooong time.

It’s snowing. That’s a good thing. I like snow.

Here’s the video. Well said, Dale Hansen.

3 thoughts on “Illness and a video

  1. Oh, man, when I saw that vid I posted it EVERY where! Most unexpected, brilliant thing ever!

    And I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well.

  2. He’s a Texan, which makes it even better. Texans are not noted for their compassion, or lack of bigotry and homophobia, judging from things I’ve read in recent times. I’ve been to Texas, many times, many years ago. Never going back there, either.

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