It is a lovely, very cold, sunshiny day. There is an ad on tv for a New England company selling a four-foot stuffed teddy bear for Valentine’s Day. It is directed at men. No, men. A four foot stuffed bear? Where would I put it? How long would I be expected to keep it hanging around? How would I clean it when it got dirty because the cat thought it was great for sleeping and clawing on? Please, take me out for a lovely meal, and maybe a nice bunch of seasonal flowers, or some heart-shaped iced cookies (yum, cookies). But a four-foot stuffed bear? Thank you, no.

I found this picture on a blog I recently rediscovered. Here: A Year From Oak Cottage It has autoplay music, so be warned. Very homey, kind of religious (not my thing), but lovely pictures. Anyway, the picture. Look at the smiling woman. I would not be smiling in any of these. I am not Suzie Homemaker. I am good with dirt. As in gardening. Housework, not so much. Plotting ways to escape is what I’d be doing. eb2a2d8a5edf63ff0486414dbee3b9c0_zpsdc857985 Let me put on my pretty dress and my apron and mop the floor. I couldn’t be happier. Or more brainwashed. Oi. Sorry, women/men who love mopping the floors. I am not one of you. Also, I don’t do dresses.

I had a very good day yesterday. I cleaned out and reorganized the frig shelves and contents, and then I did the freezer. Yay, me. It is a slow process, organizing, and when I go through a not-so-good period, things get messed up again, because I just stash things in the first handy spot. It’s very satisfying to actually Get Things Done, though. I am trying to get the kitchen into a state where if I am able to cook, I can get at the things I need without having to move and replace other things first. Lots of open shelves where the pots and pans could be set out and easily accessible would be wonderful, but I have a tiny kitchen that is crowded with two people in it at the same time. Not a lot of storage or counter space. I’m working on getting it optimal, though. I have done before, but again, it gets messed up when I am not doing well. Then, a friend ‘reorganized it’ for me, and forgot to consider my limitations in placing things. I appreciate the help, though. Always. I have very good friends. I am fortunate in that.

Found this picture of a larder on the above-mentioned blog. I could live with it:


In my dreams.

4 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. I hate housework; always have. Rugrat made fun of me for saying the first thing I’d do if I won the lottery was hire a maid service. 😉

  2. Be careful what you wish for, they say. I now have someone who does at least some of the housework for me, but the price was a chronic, debilitating illness involving virtually constant pain and definitely constant fatigue. Not the trade-off I was hoping for.

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