So, I started watching Deep Space Nine on Amazon. Loving it all over again.  There is so little on anymore that is worth watching, it’s great to have something enjoyable, and that it’s been too long to remember each ep.  

I ordered in last night and got tempura veg, something new to me.  Interesting,  and I would get it again, I think.  Assuming they stick to seasonal veg, it could be different every time.

I have plans to cook various things.  Here’s hoping the functionality lasts long enough to follow through.  Usually,plans never work out, but I’m always hopeful (or crazy).

Also hoping to go to a crochet/knitting group at the liibrary next Tuesday, but it depends on the weather.  It’s been a snowy winter so far.  Yay, winter.  Last couple were pretty mild, and very disappointing.   I like snow and winter.  Guess that’s it for the update.

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