Thanks for the Replies

332505613_a60ff95ce7_oAfter pondering this awhile, I think I feel that focusing too much on what is wrong makes what is wrong your life. I want my life to be about what is right, what is fun, what is enjoyable, what makes me laugh. I fight for that attitude every day, and usually, I win. Not always, but mostly. I lose more often if the pain is bad for any real length of time, so I’ve noticed. If I write about the bad stuff too much, well….’you are what you think’ is a philosophy I believe in. Or ‘Your thoughts create your world’. That one. I have an old, tired example I always use to explain this. It is raining. I can choose to be miserable and think of it as a lousy day, I hate rain, it’s a gray day, bah, humbug. OR I can choose to be happy and think Oh, rain! I love rain. Flowers, rainbows, yay, rain. The rain is exactly the same either way. It’s me who decides what kind of day it creates for me. MY thoughts. I choose the happy ones when ever I can. So maybe blogging too much about what is wrong is NOT the way I want to go. It’s not the world I want to create for myself. Your thoughts in the replies helped with this, so I am appreciative of them. Nice to have readers who participate. I kind of like that. 🙂

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