Is from Johannesburg. Cool. She has an accent. She is very nice. She said there is nothing discernibly wrong with me from an endocrinology point-of-view, and some of my current issues are due to being on Prednisone for an interminable length of time. Or forever. It seems like. I am tired today, but had fun yesterday. Did lunch at the Mexican restaurant, and WHY don’t they deliver?, saw the doctor, did a bit of shopping, came home, played pc games with Tess, crashed on couch. Big day, compared to my usual got up, schlepped around, read, slept. Recovery Day. I always forget about Recovery Day, which always comes after Doing Fun/Not Fun Things day. So not doing much today, and not going to feel guilty about it, either.

<-THIS tired is me.

Trying to avoid all the emails I get from political places. It’s too depressing reading about the crap that goes on. I really can’t change anything by signing petitions, and since that’s the most I’m able to do, I am not going to keep depressing myself reading about stuff. Like the NSA. Don’t want to rad about what my government is doing in respect to spying on me and my fellow citizens. Or the thousands of people who are not getting anymore unemployment benefits after all. Or any of the other shit my country is perpetrating on it’s citizens. Over that.

Am working very slowly on crocheting a beanie-style hat. Is purty. Also, I made actual food for brunch. Didn’t get up til almost noon, so ate after 1pm, since I have to wait an hour after that first pill before ingesting anything but water. That first hour with no coffee is a killer, let me tell you. Ruins my whole day. LOL Oh, is it still brunch if it’s after noon? Okay, I’m done.

4 thoughts on “Endoctrinologist

  1. Endocrinologist from Joburg, small world, ask her if she knows me, just kidding, lol. It’s just exciting to see your home city mentioned in a blog from across the oceans. On the most basic level I get scared and disgusted that governments violate their own citizen’s rights through snooping. But I also believe people should expend their energy on ‘visible’ fights. Like attempts to limit free expression. The world of spooks is so secretive people would have to exactly what they are fighting against to find out the real truth about snooping anyway.

  2. I know. It’s like seeing a movie set in Boston. I live near Boston. I pretty much removed myself from all the political crap finally. I can’t fix it, so I Want to focus on more positive things. I do this periodically, then I let myself get sucked back in. I never learn. 🙂

  3. I just thought I should let you know, I used the STOP method successfully on Tuesday. I have been having this low-level depression or anxiety for a while now. I’m still trying to work out why. On Tuesday I had an appointment to meet up with a new running club and my mind went into ‘why bother’, ‘it’s not going to last anyway’ and so on, and I caught myself just as I was about to give in and shouted STOP. I was really pleased because I went ahead with something I had been thinking about for two months but nearly gave up on.

  4. Oh, I’m so pleased it worked for you. It’s hard to remember at first, but it gets easier over time and eventually becomes automatic. It did for me, anyway. Good luck with the running.

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