Better, I think

Been feeling out-of-sorts since Saturday, but think I’m on the road back. I hope. See the endocrinologist tomorrow, to find out what the tests tell about what is wrong with me. Or not. Tests can only do so much, it seems. I wish someone could say, ‘Here’s the problem. Do this, take that, eat something else, move to Outer Mongolia…’ Something. I wish someone could tell me something I could do to get my life back. Too late, though, I think. Now I’m not only sick, I’m old. No going back from that.

My homemaker Traci put up the new curtains I bought last week. Yellow. Not YELLOW, but yellow. What a difference a color makes. Going to live with them before I decide love/hate, but it is definitely a change to the whole atmosphere of the room. I had wine-colored drapes before. Big change. That’s it.

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