My Lovely Computer

And other tech thingies I own. So anyway, there is a discussion on Lifehacker about leaving tabs open. I open things I find onto new tabs that open at the far end of the tab bar, then just read across when I’ve finished the one I’m on. I save them all in a new bookmark if I don’t have time to read them all. A comment in the discussion (not to me) was, “You are a digital hoarder.” LOL I think I am actually an information junkie. I love new things to read and learn about. At one point I had over 7,000 bookmarks, but I think I’ve cut that back some. Thank the goddesses that it is not all info on paper. I would have to rent an extra apartment just to store it.

The IT ClubI know I’ve posted this before, but I love this show. The IT Crowd. Also, I love my electronics. My windows to the world. My life would be so much poorer without them. I have a friend in Finland whom I would not have even known existed without my computer. How great is that? I read blogs written by people all over the world. I comment, they comment back. It’s interactions I would not have without my computer. I see pictures of places and things I was not aware were out there. I read articles about any subject imaginable. I learn new things all the time. If we ever get that EMP from the aliens, or the sun does it for them, IDEK how I will manage. Alone, alone, alone. That is my life, and my computer means it is not absolute. That’s it. Just another rambling-on post. It’s what I do. LOL

4 thoughts on “My Lovely Computer

  1. That’s the trap. I lived on a farm with lots of big sheds, and they ALL ended up full of ‘useful’ stuff. Same with the computer – it’s the biggest shed of all. At least it’s a bit easier to find stuff!

  2. This is the amazing thing, that through a computer, time and space are done away with allowing for social interactions far beyond what we can imagine. This year alone I’ve made friends in Canada, Australia, India, the US and New Zealand. And I value our interactions.

    You ramble on well, lol. Keep writing.

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