I did stuff.  Yay, me.  Not a lot, but still.  And I actually went downstairs and got my mail.  I have not gone down to get my mail from the lobby without having gone out for whatever reason in a few years.  I don’t go out unless I have to, or am doing something with someone else.  I hardly ever just go out or even downstairs on my own.  There is no real reason for that, except I am weird.  So I enjoyed it.  Going downstairs, seeing the work they are doing to bring my building back to it’s ‘former glory’.  Didn’t know it had former glory, and I could use a new frig and to have this hideous and really old wall-to-wall crap ripped out.  Oh, well.

So it dawns on me that since I am better, it is no longer, I could, I should, I ought to.  It is I HAVE to go outside. I HAVE to get my mail.  I HAVE to reboot my life, or what’s the point of being better?  So.  I will.

And I cooked again.  I made this really good dish I found online with italian sausage, onion, mushers, and a nice cream sauce and campanelle, my fav pasta.  Oh, man is it good.  Enough for a couple of meals at minimum.  Would be more but since I’m really only eating about once a day, I tend to eat more of whatever I’m having.

I am rebooting myself.  Yes.  Yes I am.  I have stated it here, where no one ever sees it, but still…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this makes me happy.  Gareth is ten English monies that I don’t know is it Pounds or Euros or how to type it.  But I am so buying him.  Oh, yeah.



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