Just had a long and fun one with youngest daughter, about the mess we are in due to certain members of Congress hijacking the government for their own ends.  They never seem to be looking out for MY best interests, or even the best interests of any one I actually know.  Nice to converse with someone who has a brain, nicer with someone who has a brain and it works.  Proud of my child.  Both of them actually, but this one is the one I have the political/sociological talks with.

I don’t understand the problem.

ConfidenceDoesn’t it seem like someone should be able to fire, recall, impeach, or just send to the corner those congressmen?  Aren’t there checks and balances that should apply to members of the government trying to usurp the constitution and the law for their own ends?  If not, why not?  IDEK, people.

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