Why Things Go Bad

>Little UpdateA quote (I asked permission) from a comment on another blog, slightly paraphrased:

“When people don’t have to vote, guess who votes? The ones with an extreme view. So instead of getting people elected who will contribute to the nation, you get those with extreme platforms who will suck in the voters with their extreme views…” ozdobe

This is true in all levels of government. Even school board meetings have people with agendas who go push them in at the expense of the children. Been to at least one of those, voting for reason, but not enough reasonable voters bothered to show up. It matters who you vote for, people. I cannot say this enough. You have to vote, and know who you’re voting for, or we wind up where we are right now. Right-wing fanatics, religious zealots, seemingly uneducated idiots who do not have the ability to think or reason. We get what we deserve, and if we don’t turn out for what’s right, well……

Read your history of the extreme right, and see how it works. Start small, in school boards and small town government, and work your way up until you are running most of the country. Or, spend your time thinking about what Justin Beiber did or didn’t do. Sheesh!

BTW, picture has nothing to do with post, obviously, but it’s just hot and sticky and I am sick of it.  🙂

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