Slightly Better Days

Trying something new:  Zzzquil for sleeping.  It actually works.  I get to sleep within about 90 minutes after I drink the disgusting, grape cough syrupy tasting thing.  Taken it twice now.  First night slept almost straight through and last night only woke up due to pain which then kept me awake.  No grogginess, and actually have been able to Get Things Done.  Yesterday I rearranged and cleared out the frig, washed and sliced two pounds of strawberries.  Not all at once, but still.  Today had a headache but then managed to make pizza (frozen dough) and sangria with about half the strawberries and some red wine that is about to go off.  Also not all at once, but all of this is more than I’ve been able to do for some time.  So I am a relatively happy camper.  Doctor tomorrow.  Why?  He’ll just want me to take more meds and have no real answers or coping ideas.  But I’m going anyway.  Glutton for punishment, me.

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