Oh, well.

Here I am again.  I have been quite ill with pleurisy and inflammatory something or other, with lots of pain and meds and sheesh!  Slowly getting better, I think.  Can only be out of bed for short periods of time.  Lots of sleeping going on.  Lots of fluids, not much eating.  Not my most fun time, but doable.  Like I had a choice.  It was nice having people over to look after me for four days last week, and my friend Tess did triple duty with looking after me, driving me to the doctor’s, and picking up scrips for me.  Then my homemaker, Traci, who did more than called for, and my great kid Kris, who came twice, cleaned, cooked, and shopped for me.  It was quite hard to adjust when it was just me.  I hadn’t realized how much I repressed my feelings about being alone most of the time.  I’m hoping with the new doctor and all, I will be able to get better in general.  He already upped my thyroid meds, as I wasn’t taking enough.  I’m hoping he can help me if my sleep scheduled gets messed up again, too.  A good doctor.  Not as  common as you may think, I fear.  Anyway, here I am today, but still recovering, so may not be back for awhile.

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