SnowflakesOr Freezer? It was 8 degrees yesterday. I am wearing jeans, my regular white socks topped with my big fuzzy Santa socks, a tee shirt, a heavy pullover, and a light but warm pullover on top of that. And I’m still cold. I am darned if I’m going to turn the heat above 66, though. Sixty-six is balmy at this time of year, right? I would have the windows open if it was 66 degrees outside. So anyway, I have my electric fireplace going, and use my little portable heater/fan to keep my feet warm at my desk. I love winter. I want SNOW, dammit! SNOW, do you hear me?

On the illness front, being sick sucks, as you all know by now, I’m sure. My sleep schedule is so screwed up that I am asleep more than I’m awake, and I sleep mostly during the day, regardless of what I try to get to sleep at night. My body either thinks I’m still a kid, praying for dawn so I wouldn’t have to be afraid of my dad coming home drunk, or that I am still working nights, which I only did for a year about fifteen years ago. Come on body, get with the program. This is depressing me, I’ve realized. I am feeling once again that I have no control over my life at all. Can’t even sleep at night like a normal person. I’m just here in my little box, time and life passing me by, with no hope and no purpose. This really stinks.

I’ve thought back to other times I’ve felt like this, and told myself that it’s time to change things, but it never worked. The illness always wins. Always. I fight, and I fight, and I try to be normal, and I pretend to be normal, but it always is just the same old same old. My body’s illness runs my life. I’m out of ideas. I want to live, not just exist, and I cannot seem to manage that. So this is the whiny post for today, folks. I’ll be better, now that I’ve put it out there. Thanks for reading, if anyone is still reading. 🙂

UPDATE: And it’s snowing. Finally. SnowRedHouse

2 thoughts on “Winter???

  1. I notice that when T works out of town (as he is this week), my body goes back to being a night owl, though not as extreme as before when I used to stay up til 2 or 3. Last night I shut my book at about 11:30. And I woke up at 10:30 yesterday morning after we went to bed at 1:30 (he’d worked til 12:30 in the morning). I think we try to push our bodies to be one thing, and should take the cue and let it be what it is…I’m sure it will work out better in the long run.

    I’ll send you some light today. 🙂

  2. My body has a mind of it’s own. LOL Thanks for the light. Not knowing about it in advance, I felt better than I have been lately this evening, and was surprised when I read your comment. I really think it works, skeptic that I am. Thank you.

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