Good Morning


Yes, it’s not quite 11am, and I am up and showered. Going to lunch with a friend, then to have bloodwork done to check those pesky potassium levels. It is a gorgeous sunny day, 19 degrees Fahrenheit. Nineteen degrees, and still no snow. This is not winter, it is a freezer. But after gray day after gray day, sunshine is lovely. I’ll be outside in it. I want to go outside every day, even for a few minutes, but it is so hard to motivate myself amidst the pain and the fatigue and the just plain why bother. I need some encouragement, dear readers. Help!!!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Go!!!! The sun will warm your bones, your heart will sing, and your mood will soar! Go every day!!!! It’s worth what comes after, and it may even help! Even on a gray day, there will be something lovely to see, someone new to talk to, something, anything to shift things for you. (and this is now a message to myself, too)

    Being a hermit isn’t good for anyone for extended periods of time.

  2. I’ve been a hermit for most of the past twelve years. One of those test I took in high school said I would make a good one. And I do. LOL But you’re right. It’s just hard to go out when there’s no place to go, and getting there causes more pain anyway.

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