I’m no good at following the prompts. So far, most of them just didn’t inspire me. Guess this is the wrong kind of blog for that. Yesterday, my friend Tess brought me some food (food, it’s a good thing) and a walker. It makes it slightly easier to get around, because the balance problem of just using a cane is solved, but it doesn’t help with the pain, so I am still only getting up when absolutely necessary. Which is only a couple of times a day. I did sleep in the bed last night, instead of on the couch. It was wonderful. I should say, though, that even though I went to bed around 2am I think, I had had a medium coffee around 3pm when Tess came over, and so didn’t get to sleep until it was light out. Good think I like reading. Woke up at the new 5:15 or so.

I do wish they’d do away with daylight savings time. It’s harder in spring, bet even so, it takes at least a week to adjust. Even if you’re not sick.

Tomorrow I am calling around to find a new doctor so I can get this knee thing taken care of. Being immobile is quite scary, when you think about it. I’ve had almost a week of it, and I do not want to continue. In a way, it’s a wake up call to try to do more to get more mobile in general, and regain some of the independence I’ve lost since becoming ill.

I don’t like having to depend on other people. I know my friends are ready and willing to offer any help I may need, but I’d rather not need it in the first place. So I will try harder than I have been. Things were really hard for awhile, and I sort of just stopped doing things because of it. I used to use Dial-A-Ride, a service that takes you to appointments and such and picks you up after, but I had some bad experiences with not being picked up after for whatever reason they had, and it kind of put me off using it at all. Stress and having to walk some distance to find assistance takes a long time to recover from with fibro/cfs. Do not want to go through that again.

Not much else to say, so night all.

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