Oh, Well

Totally missed posting yesterday. Slept most of the day anyway.

Today’s prompt is ‘Five Things That Changed My Life’.

Moving to New England. Being 2,000 miles from my family and not having to be involved in the daily chaos allowed me to focus on my own husband and children rather than things I really couldn’t change anyway.

Meeting my friends Beth and Tess. They are the best friends anyone could ever ask for, and I am so fortunate to know each of then, Beth for 35 years, Tess for ten, I think.

Being hospitalized after my husband left. I learned that I am not that worthless person he made me believe I was, I have the ability to help other people feel better, to make people laugh. I learned that people actually like me. It was a revelation, being there.

Getting my job in the group home. Using my experiences to help those teenage girls who were having really hard times in life. Making them laugh, diffusing anger, helping them figure things out. The best job ever. I still miss it more than ten years later.

Getting sick. Had to leave that job, had to move, my world decreasing over time until it is me here in my apartment with my cat, seeing friends occasionally, and almost never going out.

Some life-changing events were devastating when they happened, but on the whole, my basic idea that good comes out of everything has been proven true. My husband left, I found a new career. I got sick, but it turns out my life is happier than it ever was before. You play the hand you’re dealt, with as much grace as you can muster, and in spite of the occasional melt-down, life is pretty darn good. You just have to notice the good things and stop focusing on the bad. It really is possible, and so worth the effort.

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