>There have just been three tornadoes here in Mass in the past couple of hours. I think that is a record for this area. The first one is going by just a bit north of us. Not sure it’s still an actual tornado, may be just a severe storm. It is finally no longer Gray May. Now it’s Gray With Wicked Weather June. I don’t think anyone was seriously hurt, but I have everything but the laptop (on battery) unplugged, so can’t watch the news. I joked with my friend Tess that I would have to move to Canada, cause they don’t have tornadoes there. ‘YET!’ she said. LOL Climate change or not, it’s getting interesting.

Feeling better after several recovery days from going out Saturday. Two days of pain, one night of no sleep, one day of sleeping all day, one night of up very late and up at 10, and last night not sleeping well. Do I have an exciting life, or what?

UPDATE: It’s quarter past nine pm and there are still tornado watches north of me, and severe thunderstorms with hail. We’re having a lot of lightening, but I have the tv on watching the news. They’ve declared a state of emergency, and the Governor just came on to say something. Four people have been killed and it’s not known how many were injured, homes destroyed, trees down. Mother Nature is not happy, it seems. Oops, I think channel 5 just lost power. They were in the midst of a severe storm. Channel 4 is still on, but there not having any coverage except for a ticker. Think I’ll unplug the tv now.

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