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I added a few sites, in case you’re interested. Mostly ‘of the day’s. I am having a good day for a change. Slept well, up at 9am. Yay, me. Today I am going to work in the kitchen. It is just too small and set up so that everything is inconvenient. I am going to try to fix that, but am not holding my breath it will work. It wasn’t designed for small appliances, like microwave, toaster oven, mixer, etc. There’s really not enough counter space for them, but they have to go somewhere.

I don’t use the mixer a lot, but it’s heavy, and hauling it around not fun, so it’s best on the counter. I use the microwave and toaster oven a lot. Why use the oven if I can cook something in the toaster oven? Besides, it makes great toast.

Of course, the longer I sit here, the less I’m getting done.

One more thing: I learned this from the internet.

The US has three million people in jail. No society in history has imprisoned more of its population. This is apparently due to the “three strikes and you’re out” policy. This says that after two crimes, your third one, regardless of its severity, gives you life in prison. Two examples: One man is serving two twenty-five year terms for stealing nine videos. Another is serving twenty-six years for stealing four chocolate chip cookies. This sounds unbelievable, and I don’t swear to it’s accuracy. One in 30 males between 20 and 34 years old are in prison. One in NINE black males of the same age are in prison. More young black men are in jail than in college. Prisoners are forced to work for 25 cents an hour or be put into solitary confinement. More than one in 100 Americans are in prison. That’s more than ten percent. A higher percentage than any other country in the world. Think what you will about this, people. I know what I think, and it’s not “Oh, boy, we must have a really good system of justice here.”

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