>I Like This

It’s short. I just read the transcript, didn’t watch the vid. He says things I agree with. It’s a good thing. http://techpp.com/2011/02/11/awe-inspiring-speech-by-steve-jobs-at-stanford-in-2005/

On the illness front, I have been wallowing. Too much pain for too long. I started to feel like I’d just quit. Just given up and stopped caring. Can’t sleep, can’t stay awake, can’t do what I need to do. let alone what I want. So let’s just lay on the couch and play on the laptop. I have a lot of things to read on here.

Then last night, that little spark flared up and determination to overcome filled me up. I will take the knockout pill, I will get up at a decent hour, I will not sit on the couch with the cat and the laptop all day. I will prevail. Yes.

So I took the pill, went to bed between one and two am, and woke up at six. Wide awake. Got up. Pain, pain, pain and more pain. So I’ve spent the day on the couch with the cat and the laptop. I just can’t win.

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