Tried to fix the weird video-ness in the last post, but no luck. Anyone have a solution? The embed code is different from YouTube’s, and when I tried to make it more like YouTube’s, it wouldn’t work at all.

Having a better day. Not nearly as much pain as this entire past week. Yay. So what did I do instead of what I should do? Of course. I fixed my desktop, which has not been able to connect since October. I downloaded every driver on the Dell site that applied, and installed them one at a time. After a while, I looked down at the task bar and saw the infamous yellow ‘you have ten bazillion updates’ icon. Well, there were only 76, and then there were several (a lot) more after that. But she’s working fine now. I have been setting up my Firefox the way I like it, and signing in to things here and there. I get to be online while sitting in my swivel chair. Yay, although being online while curled up on the couch with the cat and my blankie is pretty great too. LOL It feels good to feel good. I’m telling you, people. Not pain-free, but good.

2 thoughts on “>Hmmm

  1. >WAHOOOOOO!!! Desktop is working! I KNEW you could do it! Brilliant!! You DO have your moments…I know, I am there to witness it! LOL!Hope you have another good day!! Talk to you later my friend.

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