>Little Update


I haven’t been exercising, because I do not want to make the leg pain worse. On the other hand, even though I did not get nearly enough sleep last night and am tired, I am not foggy. Except for the leg pain, I have been feeling pretty darn good. Also, my skin is dry, because the dewpoint has been in the minuses, but I am not itchy. I’m thinkin’ it’s the thyroid pills. I’m supposed to see the doctor in a couple of weeks, and I’m going to ask for a regular prescription, not just this trial I’m on. It is helping. Not saying it will help anyone else, not everyone has the same issues going on, or that it will even help me long-term. I’m used to meds just stopping working after awhile.

It’s a cold, sleety, freezing rainy day in the neighborhood, folks. And I AM going to make the lemon curd today. I hope. LOL

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