Yes, it’s very cold today. Beautiful and sunny and COLD. I still have snow piled against my windows from the storm we had a few days ago. It’s pretty neat here. After a storm, the highway department spends a night removing snow from the downtown area, where I live. They plow the sidewalks so people can get around, too. It’s a very user-friendly place to live.

I am still having a lot of leg pain. It wakes me up at night. I don’t think arthritis in my knee explains pain from my hip into my foot, or how I can have an almost pain-free day last week. If it was arthritis, wouldn’t it hurt every day, and why hurt when I’m sleeping and not using my legs? It’s a mystery to me.

My friend Tess bought some Meyer lemons and gave me some. I have never seen Meyer lemons here in New England before this. They smell nice, and look like a regular lemon, except more orange. It seems they are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. I am going to make lemon curd with them. I haven’t made that in a while, and have only had regular lemons to make it with til now. Lemon curd on toast is like eating sunshine in the middle of winter. You can use it as pie filling, or between cake layers, too, although I haven’t ever. I like lemon pie. Maybe I could make a Shaker lemon pie with some of them. I’ve made it with regular lemons before. On America’s Test Kitchen the other day they made one and shredded the lemon slices instead of using them whole. I’d like to try that. Like I’m actually going to cook something. Well, I am going to make the curd. That’s cooking, right?

Anyone want the recipe for lemon curd? Here it is:

Lemon Curd

½ cup Meyer lemon juice (or regular, may need more sugar)
2 teaspoons finely grated lemon zest
½ cup sugar
2 large eggs
½ cup butter (1 stick), cut into pieces.

In a medium sized metal bowl, whisk together Meyer lemon zest, juice, sugar and eggs. Add butter and set bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. The bowl should not touch the water. Stir until thickened (160°F). This should take about 6 – 8 minutes.
Makes just under 2 cups.

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