>The Doctor

Mine, that is. Saw him today. Getting a new med. I really hope it helps. I am so tired of feeling terrible. My thyroid numbers have been borderline for a long time, but when I wanted to pursue it, I was dismissed every time. This time, this doctor agreed that a trial of meds for it might be worth it. If it doesn’t help, at least I will have eliminated one possibility.

I’m also getting my knee x-rayed. He thinks it’s just arthritis, nothing major, but it has been making my whole leg hurt and walking is really problematic. I said maybe I need a cane, but he said no. Fine with me.

I like my doctor a lot. He takes time to listen to me, and to explain things and the reasons for different choices, different meds. It’s a good thing.

After, I had a lovely dinner and playing on laptop sessions at my friend Tess’s. She and her husband are getting over a cold, but I rarely get colds, so I’m not worrying. Besides, it was a really good dinner.

Oh, I canceled my cable and returned the box and remote today. I hate tv. I used to be addicted. Hmmm. That’s all.

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