>It’s Still Morning


Still in my jammies, in a total fog, just wanting to go back to sleep. But my homemaker will be here in about an hour, I have to go back to the doctor’s to have more blood taken, and then to the hospital for the x-ray. Noooooooooo. Can’t I please just go back to bed? Apparently not.

This has been the month from hell. Well, not hell maybe, but it hasn’t been pleasant. Tired. So tired, all the time. Pain and more pain. I want to be functional again. I want my body to work. I want to stop whining. I feel like I’ve done nothing but whine the whole time. I hate whining. Where is my positive attitude? Vacationing in Florida maybe? I don’t know. It’s just not here when I need it.

Get up, get dressed, get moving. Just DO it, darn it!! Right. That’s working out for me. NOT!

2 thoughts on “>It’s Still Morning

  1. >I love Maxine. She can say so well, what we are thinking.Understand how you would like to stay in your jammies. For me, to have a day going to the doctor then dinner with friends, would cause me to need a rest day on the following day. Pace yourself and understand what your body tells you…you need to rest. Hugs

  2. >I know. Maxine is great. Written by a man, apparently. Hmmm. LOL Did the x-rays, the blood work, came home and played on laptop with my friend, now vegging. Sometimes, it seems all I do is rest, but I'm still just as tired. Starting new med tomorrow. We'll see.

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