>Sunshiny Ianto

I finally got all the posts tagged, except for two inconsequential ones. Believe me, it is much easier to tag as you go on Blogger. It reverts to the first page every time you tag something on a different page, and you have to work your way back. Annoying.

I think nobody ever comments, but I have 321 over the entire blog. Of course some of them are me replying to comments, but still.

I have to call the doctor about my meds and find something to eat. I have something to cook, but my painful leg makes standing difficult. But I’m hungry. Ate breakfast at 6am, I think it was, since I was up all night again.

And it’s gray again. Have I mentioned it’s gray? Gray with rain or snow=good. Gray alone=not as good. I have my full-spectrum overhead lights on, so that does help a lot. If you’re not paying attention, you don’t even notice night has fallen when they’re on. I recommend them. Yes. Yes, I do.

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