>It Was A Dark and Stormy Night….

>And day. But that was yesterday. Today is just gray. Very, very gray. I have been feeling really awful since the doctor’s last week, and on Wednesday I managed to damage my leg somehow and have been hobbling in pain ever since. It’s times like these that I just want to crawl into bed and never come out again. I get so tired of feeling lousy. Sometimes it takes everything I have to keep a positive attitude and sense of humor. But if I didn’t, if I couldn’t, I would be lost. I don’t know that I could come back from the black hole one more time. So I am very aware of it all the time, because I have to be able to recognize the spiral before I reach my Rubicon.

Rubicon. I loved that show. They talked about Rubicon during the show, but I didn’t really understand it until I looked it up. Point of no return, is basically what it means. You’ve gone too far to ever get back, and the only way left is forward. When it’s forward into the black hole, you NEVER want to reach that Rubicon. Never.

How many people have been lost because they did, and there was no way back for them? That point where you absolutely believe that the only way to end the pain is to end yourself. I’ve been there. It wasn’t anyplace I ever want to be ever again. I was lucky I was saved. A lot of people aren’t.

It scares me, I admit it. I never want to feel that way again. It was worse than the worst thing I could imagine. Like I was being ripped apart by pain. Not physical pain. Emotional pain. Physical pain is different. I think it can reach a point where the only way to end it is to end yourself, but there are lots of pain interventions, and someone usually is aware you are suffering. Not so much with psychic pain. It’s much easier to keep it hidden. To put on the ‘good’ face. I’m fine, everything is fine, it’s all fine. I’ll tell a joke and make you laugh and you’ll believe it’s fine, too.

Life can be very hard. It’s harder for some than for others, and it’s really sad that so many people aren’t saved. Don’t get a rescue, an intervention of life-saving caring. Serious depression needs all-out emergency-room trauma-center type care, but I’m not sure that’s really available in the same way it is for physical trauma. No one will call the ambulance when they can’t see that you are dying emotionally. You have to be either very lucky and have someone be there and understand at the exact right moment, or somehow find the ability and strength within yourself to call your own ambulance, metaphorically speaking. Not really that likely when you are surrounded by the darkness. Life can be very hard. Very. I try to keep on my toes about it.

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