>I’ve been having a lot of allergy problems recently, sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose. Then today I got….VERTIGO. Oh, that was fun. Had to get a friend to take me to the doctor’s and walk me through the whole thing. Fortunately, it didn’t last long, and I’m not actually sick, but it was something I’d never had before. It was quite interesting and fun, but if it had lasted for any length of time, it would have been miserable, I think.

Why is it allergy season? Isn’t it freezing cold? Shouldn’t all the pollen and whatever else I’m allergic to be on vacation or something? Hadn’t been to the doctor in a couple of years, cause I haven’t been sick. He wasn’t happy about that. Hey, send me a reminder. Everything I do is a major hassle with this illness, so if I don’t have to go, I’m not going. Right? Yes, right. I do like my doctor, though. He actually takes the time to talk to me, not rush me through.

Oh, it’s really hard to find clip art of a dizzy woman, apparently, so just imagine me walking like I had a few too many while hanging onto the arm of my friend. It was pretty funny. LOL

2 thoughts on “>Dizzy

  1. >Are you sure you aren't allergic to something inside? Maybe it's got something to do with your heat…I was reading someone else's blog who has fibro, and she gets migraines and faints alot! Ack!

  2. >Fibromyalgia is a whole web of issues, I am sorry your going through them- I have been reading different blogs about it as well and it's amazing the affect it has on a persons body. My Mom has been a fibro sufferer for 20 plus years she has every symptom there can be.. She used to have terrible nights sleeping, she now uses The Elite Sheet, she sleeps SO much better now and it fits to the needs of other issues she has like arthritis. If you are interested here is there blog and there website, they are also on facebook, I hope you feel better and I am so sorry.http://www.elitesheetcomfort.com/index.htmlhttp://bodypainsolutions.blogspot.com/

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