>My Life Today

>So. I was up for a day and a half and then slept all day yesterday til 5:30pm. So I’ve been up all night again. I have an appointment here any minute (when she gets here) or else I’d probably be on the couch.

I closed the bedroom door to keep the cat in here, because she hides under the bed all day and what’s the point of having a cat if she’s going to be invisible? She comes out at night when I go to bed so she can walk around and over me many times til she’s ready to settle (HA!) and sleep next to me. For five minutes. Then she has to change position several times, change sides several times, get up and eat something, come back and walk over me to get to her preferred side. Is it any wonder I don’t get a lot of sleep? LOL Right now she is hiding under the shelves where I keep the computer paper and discs and such. Okay, that’s it. Can you tell I’ve been up all night? LOL

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