>I don’t spend time wishing things were other than they are, the way things are is what I have, so I make the best of it. I think that’s how I get to be happy in spite of being alone 95-98% of the time, and being in some level of pain 100% of the time.

Just watched this weeks’ ep of Rubicon. Reviews and comments sometimes complain that it’s slow. I like that about it. It’s not like LOST, where every week I just wanted to find out what it was about so it could just BE OVER. With Rubicon, I don’t even think about the solution to the mystery. I just love the journey. I love the interaction of the characters. I love the team and their workings in figuring things out. It’s just a joy each week to immerse oneself into that world. If you don’t watch it, I kind of feel badly for you.

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