>Remember the movie ‘Wall Street’?

>The one where Michael Douglas’s character says, “Greed is good”? Greed brings us to the Gulf oil spill, unbelievably expensive medical care and medicines, and this:


I challenge you to not buy anything made in China. Almost impossible, isn’t it? Even if you think you are buying from an American company, once you read the labels carefully, you’ll find at least part of what you bought was made in China. My new fireplace thingy, for example, comes from a Texas company. You’d think they make their furniture themselves. Nope. The fine print on the papers that came with it say Made in China. So the Texas company is an import company, not a furniture company at all. Stuff like this just makes me cringe. No wonder I circle the black hole. Humanity never ceases to disappoint me. Individually I like people. Really, I do. But my species in general, not so much.

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