>I haz it. Scott Brown won the election. His will be the vote that takes down the dream of his predecessor in the Senate, Ted Kennedy. He wanted the seat to destroy what Kennedy worked so hard for, and not enough of us who support health care reform got out and did their civic duty. This is what always happens. People think it doesn’t make a difference if they vote, but it does. So we will get what we deserve. We didn’t learn from those eight years? Apparently not. I saw an ad that said how close we are to having Washington decide our health care. Who do they think decides it now? Drug companies and HMO’s, that’s who. We are a stupid lot in this country. It’s just too darn bad.

2 thoughts on “>Depression

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog on and off, mostly off because I’ve been too self- preoccupied. Life got in the way of my doing the things that I like, and I’ve been battling fruitlessly to get back on track. Simply, I think I’ve been going downhill on the depression root for some time, life and financial pressures I guess. One of the drawbacks of depression meds I think is that they make me tolerant of things and I guess because I tolerate those things I never really deal with them till there is a bottle neck at which point it does not matter if that I’m taking the meds, the anxiety just paralyses me. I hope you’ve been faring much better, I’ve seen one or two of your recent posts but that’s it. I looked for your email for a while but guessed it’s not such a brilliant idea to just ‘force’ myself to interact with you, as if you don’t have enough on your plate. I’m a little better now, and will hopefully be in touch more.

  2. I put a contact email on the right side of the blog. Feel free to use it. I have a lot to say, but maybe here’s not the best place. I’ll wait to hear from you, if that’s what you decide.

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